Recommended Vaccinations for Horses and Foals:


At birth, if mare did not receive a Tetanus booster within the last 60 days prior to foaling, foal should receive a Tetanus antitoxin. Navel should be dipped with Nolvasan several times the first day.

Beginning at 3 months of age, the foal should be dewormed and its vaccination program started.

Between 4 and 6 months of age, the foal should receive an initial vaccination of the following:  EWT and West Nile Virus, Rhino/Flu, Rabies, and Pinnacle (Strangles Vaccine).  Each vaccine should be boostered one month after administration. (Strangles Booster 2-3 weeks)


3 months- EWT (Sleeping Sickness/Tetanus) and West Nile Virus Rabies

3 months and 2 Weeks old- Rhino/Flu Pinnacle (Strangles)

4 months- EWT Booster, WNV Booster Rabies Booster Pinnacle Booster

4 months and 2 Weeks- Rhino/Flu Booster

Between 6 and 12 months, it is also recommended to booster the vaccinations above.

Adult Horses

Annual vaccinations for adult horses include:

EWT (Annually)

West Nile Virus (Annually)

Rabies (Annually)

Pinnacle (Annually)

Rhino/Flu (At least every six months)

Protection from this vaccine lasts 3-4 months.

Should be boostered 2-3 weeks prior to exposure to outside horses. (i.e.; shows, trail rides, etc.)

Potomac Horse Fever (Bi-annually)

Pregnant Mares – At 5, 7, and 9 months of pregnancy, a mare should receive a Pneumabort K vaccine to protect against Rhino induced abortions. Within 60 days prior to foaling, the mare should receive an EWT.

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Dr. Rick R. Smith and the Equine Clinic Staff